How do you obtain second passport?

Welcome to the Citizen by Investment Program. This program allows individuals and families to obtain citizenship in exchange for an investment into the country.

Global Partners International makes this process easy and hassle free. We offer liaison concierge service assigned to walk you through the process from application to approval and beyond, Flight Accommodation services to applicants and Prime Real Estate options in growing economies with guaranteed income on your investment.


Location: Located in the economically friendly zone of the West Indies, enjoy the Caribbean climate in your choice of safe and democratic countries that would suit your investment needs.

There are two general ways that your citizenship may be obtained:

  1. National Development Fund Option which is a government regulated fund that is subjected to stringent parliamentary over sight. The applicant makes a standard minimum contribution to this fund, which is used by the government in key areas of national development.
  2. Real Estate Option the government requires applicants to make an investment in designated, officially approved real estate projects. With this option, GPI works together with the applicant to ensure that the applicant receives an investment option with guaranteed and attractive returns.

10 Quick Reasons for a Second Passport

  • Having a second passport allows you the flexibility of investing, travelling, banking and also residing in a region of your choice. It opens doors to internationalization of your income as well as your assets.
  • Having a second passport ensures that you always have a second place that you are able to call home. It is your legal right to work and live there at any time you wish.
  • A second passport is a luxury to you and your family, affording you and your loved ones the power to choose where and how you want to live.
  • This dual citizenship can easily be passed down to children, allowing them all the benefits and amenities that you enjoy!
  • Having a second passport is one good way to keep inheritances and valuable assets safe in your second jurisdiction!
  • In some cases, it prevents the home government from placing you under house arrest in the forms of revoking or cancelling or revoking your passport for any reason that is fit to them.
  • Some passports afford you more protection than others!
  • You save on taxes! Different countries have different rules on taxation, investments and transferring money.
  • In an era of increased political and economic instability across the globe, owning a second passport is an asset and provides a strong measure of security.
  • The Caribbean is often viewed as an ideally comfortable place to live. Caribbean passports make travel easier as Caribbean citizens travel to more than 150 countries without visa restrictions.

Offshore Banking and Investment

Global Partners International provides secure and reliable offshore banking and investment platforms through smooth and efficient international business company formation and registration services and strong investment options.

GPI is committed to transparency, accountability and privacy, in international financial business and is able to provide credible portfolios for wise and sound global investment.

Working offshore in some of the most robust financial service industries in the world, you can benefit from better taxation regimes, greater protection against political, or financial instability and easy access to deposits and returns on investments.

Grenada and St. Vincent providing aid to Dominica and the BVI

The powerful category 5 hurricane shook a number of tourism dependant countries in the north of the Caribbean. Dominica’s government has declared a world-wide appeal for help. After a category 5 hurricane Maria devastated the country and set it back by millions of dollars in damage.

Grenada’s cabinet has decided that the cabinet will donate EC 1 Million dollars to islands affected by the recent hurricane Maria and hurricane Irma. Grenada’s Prime Minister has visited with Dominica and has pledged the support of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) to Dominicans in the wake of their disaster.

A vessel left Port Kingstown, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines on Friday September 15th, 2017 to transport food and other emergency supplies to the British Virgin Islands following the passage of Hurricane Irma.